This scene is from the Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101" The scene is from the episode "The Play"


While trying to cure Dustin of a cold, Quinn decides to try and cure him with the help of one of her Quinnventions. This invention is intended to cure Dustin by applying proton impulses to the soles of his feet. This caused Quinn to place Dustin's feet into stockades and remove his shoes and his socks. 
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Quinn removing Dustin's shoes and socks.

After trying to remove Dustin's socks and shoes, Dustin feels nervous about Quinn's invention and makes one last effort to leave before Quinn starts her the device. Quinn denies Dustin's request. As Quinn begins to use the proton impulse machine, the device shoots out blue lasers and they begin to tickle Dustin's feet, which causes him to laugh hysterically.  
Blue tickle

After a little bit of time, Quinn stopped the proton impulse machine to see if Dustin was feeling better, in which Dustin denies feeling any better. 

After finding out that Dustin wasn't feeling any better, Quinn attempts to fix the machine by adjusting the proton saturation and then starting the device again. This ends up backfiring and the device begins to tickle Dustin with green lasers, these lasers tickled more than the blue lasers did.

Green Laser tickle

Then in one last plea Dustin tries to tell Quinn the proton impulses aren't curing him. This causes Quinn to immediately adjust the proton impulses one last time which tickles Dustin more than ever.

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