The following scene is from the anime, The Adventures of Peter Pan.

Basic Information
Name of episode TBA
Tickler(s) Tickle Machine
Ticklee(s) Junior
Tickler weapon(s) 2 straw hands, 2 thin feathers, and a spiny pad.
Purpose To help Junior conquer his fear
Quote "Okay, turn off the machine" - Junior
Previous scene Scene 13: One Donkey and a Tickle Machine
Next Scene Scene 15: Ludo Meets the Tickle Monster

Plot Edit

A young boy finishes building a tickle machine and asks Junior to sit in it, he declines his request. Then two others put him in the chair and strap him in. He is now seen strapped in with his arms above his head. The young boy gets behind the chair to maintain the controls. (Two straw hands to tickle his armpits, a mat to tickle his feet and two small feathers to tickle his neck). Junior looks and feels uncomfortable. The tickling then begins, the featherss begin tickling his neck the little hands tickle the armpits and the mat tickles the feet, but Junior tries to stay strong and holds in his laughter. After thirteen seconds, the young boy speeds up the machine and Junior realizes that he can't hold his laughter in and then begins to burst out in laughter. He tries to move his feet away from the mat but he can't and they continue to be tickled. The tickle machine then tickles his armpits faster as well but he cant move them so he suffers through the tickling. Junior says he's had enough. But there's a problem, the young boy has his hands stuck in the controls and he can't stop the tickling, the more he tries to get unstuck the more tickled Junior gets! Wendy peeks outside and tells him to stop with the tickling but he's still unsuccessful. Junior laughs even harder as the machine tickles him harder. After that everyone grabs a piece of the machine and rips it apart so Junior's tickle torture may end. Junior is then freed from the machine and hopes he never gets tickled again.

Video Edit

Peter Pan tickle machine

Peter Pan tickle machine

(Scene not in English)