Basic Information
Name of episode TBA
Tickler(s) Trick or treating girls
Ticklee(s) Single man
Tickler weapon(s) Fingers
Purpose For not giving them Halloween candy
Quote "Trick" - Trick or treaters
Previous scene Scene 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9: The Tickler
Next Scene Scene 11: Caterpy vs. Goku

The following scene is from a Japanese anime

Summary Edit

It's Halloween night. A girl comes out and tricks or treats at a man's house. The man has no treats, she tricks (tickles) his left underarm and ribs, which makes him burst into laughter. Another girl comes in and asks for, "Trick or Chocolate", he can barely speak due to his laughing so she joins the girl and tickles his left underarm. Three more girls come and for trick or treating, he explains he has no treats while still being tickled. The three girl then tickle him as well. Now two girls have his arms pinned on the ground and tickling his underarms while the others tickle other parts of his body. Another girl comes in for treats but says trick and the scene ends.